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Services to keep you flying...

Rose Aviation has been a mainstay in the WNY area for a multitude of aviation services - from professional to amateur pilots.  
Established in 1991 Rose Aviation has a profound catalog of offerings to keep you flying, and flying safe.
Please contact us if there is something you don't see, we might be able to help!
Pre-Purchase Surveys

Are you considering a new aircraft?  Need someone to help ensure your investment is what its worth?  We are willing and fully capable to inspect your future purchase and detail any possible issues, confirm logbook and service records, and help you feel comfortable with your buying experience.  Hourly rate applies.


Looking to update or modify your aircraft for a special purpose?  We ensure the proper steps are followed to have necessary regulatory documentation on any improvements that are made.  From Supplemental Type Certificates, Manufacturers Service Bulletins, and other data approved by the FAA, We can help give us a call.  Click HERE for some of our alteration and major alteration work.


Antique Preservation

Rose Aviation wants to keep our antique aircraft in the sky where it belongs!  We share a passion for keeping antique aircraft true to their roots while performing the necessary steps to ensure pilot and passenger safety. 

100hr / Annual Inspections

A mainstay for Rose Aviation, we offer 100hr & Annual inspections of multitudes of aircraft.  We want you to get back in the air as safely and as soon as possible.  Give us a call for more details and to schedule your annual before its too late!

Major Repairs

Feel confident in your aircraft and we'll show you confidence in our skills to repair minor and major issues with full documentation, repair estimate, to get you back in the air.  Since 1991 we've seen and performed a multitude of service to numerous aircraft.  Click HERE for pictures of our work


Rose Aviation wants to help you with your aircraft restoration project!  From fully restoring Single-Engine Warbirds through and including Jet Warbirds we want to help you with this huge task.  Metal work, sheeting, control surfaces, avionics, complete engine overhauls, era specific paint color schemes, we want you to look good and fly a trusted and safe aircraft!

Custom Avionics Installations

Even though your aircraft was built in the past with tried and true technology, give us a call where we can bring it up to today's standards with our custom avionics installations of multiple components.  Benefit from new technology in nearly any aircraft!

Click HERE for our work on custom avionics installs


Jet Warbirds

A complete unique service offering! We don't just service aircraft with propellers!  Rose Aviation can fully support your Jet Warbird as well!  Contact us to learn more.

Click HERE for a gallery of our latest project!

Corrosion Mitigation

It's a silent killer to our precious aircraft.  Rose Aviation is a CorrosionX Fully Authorized Service Center to help prevent a large repair from happening in the first place.  Approved by all major airframe manufacturers and proven to be more than twice as effective as any other product in it's class. We perform all necessary steps to ensure proper displacement of moisture and to provide long lasting protection.

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